Taking a Christmas Tree for a Walk

I made this shot a few years back late on a frigid New York night while rushing home from an assignment. I just happened to have my camera ready as I saw this group rushing past, eager to get out of the cold.

Thank you for your interest in our blog here at UKSC. We look forward to your returning in 2012. Have a safe and happy holiday.

Street Photography in Motion

This was an experimental film for me. I shot it in September 2010. What I was looking to do was package some street photography from an event in a video where the motion element served as B roll to the stills. It was a tricky shoot in that I was having to be aware of what might serve as good footage and audio, as well as being on the lookout for those arresting still images that we street photographers are constantly seeking.

This was only my third attempt as making a film having previously covered the G20 Demo and the Peace Camp in Parliament Square, again looking to concentrate mostly on stills and using video to package it all up, such that the short film would serve as an alternative delivery mechanism for my street photography.

I hope to do a lot more of this throughout 2012.

There continues to be development behind the scenes here at UKSC as we study the work of our newest photographer, Stewart in readiness for his first post. All very interesting and exciting.

More soon.


Metallic Hair - Paul Treacy

I was readying my cards this morning for some filming when I came upon this image made recently on a London bus. I was struck at how metallic the hair looked.

There's a lot being discussed amongst us all here at UKSC about plans for 2012. We'll be making some changes soon. I hope you'll be watching.


UKSC is expanding

We are about to become four. The brilliantly talented Brighton based photographer, Stewart Weir is about to join our ranks here at the UK Street Collective.

He is full of intriguing ideas and has copious energy. We very much look forward to his involvement and the further expansion of UKSC.

While we sort out twitter and email logins for Stewart and gather some of his material together for a spread, please do visit his blog where you'll get a sense of what he's all about.

We'll be back soon.


- Paul.

Double Page Spreads from new eBook

These are double page spreads from my new eBook, The Photohumourist - Observing The Flag now available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch at the iBookstore and soon for the various other ebook readers from other providers.

As has always been the case for me, this humourous long term project emerged from my street photography endeavours and will soon be added to at the iBookstore with several new ebooks on a range of subjects. Both the iPhone and iPad editions are just £2.99 / $4.99.

7 x 7

Anti-Capitalist Film From 2009

There's so much discussion about the ani-capitalist movement at the moment, I thought it timely to share this 2009 film with you.

I shot this film during the G20 demo in the City of London. It's my first film and was shot with a tiny Flip Mino camera. The stills were shot on standard Nikon pro gear.

Though the fidelity of the piece is lacking somewhat, I am proud of it as a record of the day. Were I to make a similar film now, I'd shoot in hi-definition and pay particular attention to the audio capture as I have learned a lot over the last couple of years and plan to make a lot more such multimedia work in future.

Here I concentrated on the more festive aspect of the protest and was not so interested in the destructive violence. I was far more interested in the variety of characters partaking of the march.

Though I am increasingly interested in motion capture, it's the stills that motivate me most and always will. I see video as a tool to package powerful still images. The video footage informs the stills, as far as I see it.

I think this kind of filmmaking is a great way to show street photography and I hope to post more such projects here at UK Street Collective as I go along. I hope you'll continue to visit.

Thank you.
Paul Treacy

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