UKSC is expanding

We are about to become four. The brilliantly talented Brighton based photographer, Stewart Weir is about to join our ranks here at the UK Street Collective.

He is full of intriguing ideas and has copious energy. We very much look forward to his involvement and the further expansion of UKSC.

While we sort out twitter and email logins for Stewart and gather some of his material together for a spread, please do visit his blog where you'll get a sense of what he's all about.

We'll be back soon.


- Paul.


  1. I will endeavour to make the relevant adjustments to the site pertaining to Stewart's arrival this weekend, time permitting.

  2. Time didn't permit. Will get to it when I can. I have a portfolio to prepare for my son as part of a school application. When that's done, I'll get to the front page here.

  3. Im still working through 18 years of snaps.. !

  4. Only 18!! You young pup.