Sunbathing Leprechaun. Sydenham, London. © PAUL TREACY 2012.

Here's another silly photo for you. Saw this on a car dashboard. It was a really hot day and I just wanted to do what this leprechaun was doing - basking in the sun. I have so many daft little pictures like this. I think I should go through them and have a play to see if anything can be done with them in terms of sequencing them into some sort of project. You never know. The only problem is finding the time.

Vertiginous - Paul Treacy

I had just finished an assignment and was about to leave the building when I noticed this chap. I was glad I did because it was one of the last shoots I did in New York City before moving back to the UK. And as I knew I would soon be leaving, I paused to take in the spectacular views.

Though this is not at street level, I present it here only because I happened on the scene and it gave me reason to pause and consider, as scenes on the street often do.

I came across the image in my files just the other day while searching for overlooked stock material. Images like this should be publicly available and earning.

Girls with Guns! A strange encounter in Stratford-upon-Avon. 4 photos. FujiFilm X100. © Paul Treacy 2012.

© PAUL TREACY 2012. All Rights reserved

I happened upon these young women this last weekend in Stratford. I have no idea what it was all about

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While out with my sons. Fujifilm X100. © Paul Treacy 2012

Street photography is rather more than just a genre, as far as I'm concerned. To me it's a method, here applied while wandering the streets with my two lads as we seek out places to play and muck about.

Hoping 2012 will bring you continued happiness and humour