Bournemouth Street Photography Courses

This is a unique opportunity to join two experienced street photographers in a vibrant coastal resort.
Paul Russell (In-Public member) and Justin Sainsbury (UK Street Collective) will be leading engaging one-day courses around the town on 11 and 25 June 2011.

Through personal, in-the-field tuition we will encourage you to develop your own style and create interesting and inspiring street photographs.

Aspects of the day will include:

– Looking at the practical factors to consider when taking pictures of people in their environment.

– Learning to anticipate and make the most of interesting situations.

– How to best utilise your existing equipment, plus hands-on assessment of specialist cameras – the Ricoh GRD II and the Fujifilm FinePix X100.

– Maximising impact and creating rounded photo stories through selective editing.

By having a maximum of four participants we will ensure that you receive a concentrated level of advice and insight into this fascinating and challenging photography genre. The course will take place in situ on the street but we will have this beach hut base camp close to Bournemouth Pier!

All pictures © copyright Justin Sainsbury and Paul Russell

For course fee of £80.00 you will also receive the benefit of a review of some of your previous work prior to the day in Bournemouth. Following the day’s shoot we will also provide an in-depth review of your pictures.

Paul and Justin are known for their humorous and poignant take on everyday life. If you enjoy non-confrontational photography of people without relying on long lenses then this may be the course for you.

For more detail please contact

The one-day courses will run from 11 am until 6 pm plus assessment of your portfolio of best shots via the Internet and a review of your Bournemouth shots subsequent to the day out.

Bournemouth is less than 2 hours from London Waterloo by train and is served by two trains per hour.

Recent trip south

A busy street in Rye, East Sussex in April 2011.

No idea why this woman is watering a sign with a kettle. The mind boggles. Again in Rye, East Sussex.

This is rather romantic. Tenterden, Kent.

Back in Rye with this gentleman reading his paper outside a little hotel.

Bigger "Mixed Messages" Preview

I have blogged many times about this book and it has received some additional attention but I thought it was time to feature it here on our burgeoning collective blog. I expect Justin will also feature his two books as well soon enough. And Richard is working on one as I type.

With this particular book preview I have managed to tweak the code so that it features much bigger than the standard Blurb preview. The trick is to convert the dimensions from 750x500 to 900x600. Fortunately the resolution holds.

This book has been previewed very positively in fLIP Magazine, the publication of London Independent Photography and I'm hoping to see it reviewed elsewhere as well. It's definately my best book yet and the only one available to purchase at this time. However, I'm hoping to re-issue my previous two books in new, much improved editions.

You can read my introduction to the project at the book's website,


A Daughter's First Year

This is a piece of work about a personal journey I made almost 15 years ago: the first 12 months in the life of my first child Ella, and my wife Lynda’s journey from expectant to actual motherhood. But most of all for Ella, a new-born to a one year-old.

Looking back on this work now is remarkable as not only do I see my teenage daughter as a sweet infant again and how our world has moved on, but it also shows a family from a previous century.

Ella now has a brother and we are four.