Photos by Justin Sainsbury - A 'Right Royal Do'

We're told a million people lined the Royal wedding route yesterday. Here's my take on just a small handful of visitors enjoying the day. I was happy to work along the fringes, letting chance happenings, encounters and a little bit of instinct guide me around. Visiting a small hidden banked copse along the edge of the Mall, two pubs and the Ambassadors' chauffeur car park seemed worth-while trade-offs to the spot I'd established outside the Abbey earlier in the day.

Photos by Paul Treacy - The Big Wedding

This makes me squirm.

I like the way the crown thingy happens to hover over the kid's head and I like the guy's outfit, if not his old bike.

I like this one and the next

Like I said for the first photo

There's a lot going on here

Oh dear!

And finally...

These are just some of what I captured.

Photos by Paul Treacy - Youthful exuberance in Trafalgar Square

Youngsters getting frisky in Trafalgar Square on a warm spring day. I remember how that feels.

I post these as a celebration of young love and frivolity.

Photo by Paul Treacy - Millennium Bridge at Tate Modern, 1st April 2011

This is my favourite of my recent meanderings. I find it quite poignant.

I'm about to head out to London Bridge and surrounds again today for a few hours. The sun's shining brightly and it's lovely and warm. I expect there'll be a lot of people about. The usual mix of Londoners and tourists. I may have some fun looking at these two very different groups and how they interact with the city itself. Tourists tend to meander the streets aimlessly and at a gentle pace which annoys the locals who pace sternly about the place at a rapid rate and with purpose, unless it's lunchtime when they too can become tourist like as they slow down for a while. And on days like today they can become quite flirtatious amongst themselves. All very amusing.

But I'm always on the lookout for a shot like the one above. An isolated individual outside of the herd for whatever reason.

Paul Treacy
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Photo by Richard Baker - London, 2nd April 2011.

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7 x 7
By Justin Sainsbury
By Justin Sainsbury
7 x 7
By Richard Baker