Bigger "Mixed Messages" Preview

I have blogged many times about this book and it has received some additional attention but I thought it was time to feature it here on our burgeoning collective blog. I expect Justin will also feature his two books as well soon enough. And Richard is working on one as I type.

With this particular book preview I have managed to tweak the code so that it features much bigger than the standard Blurb preview. The trick is to convert the dimensions from 750x500 to 900x600. Fortunately the resolution holds.

This book has been previewed very positively in fLIP Magazine, the publication of London Independent Photography and I'm hoping to see it reviewed elsewhere as well. It's definately my best book yet and the only one available to purchase at this time. However, I'm hoping to re-issue my previous two books in new, much improved editions.

You can read my introduction to the project at the book's website,



  1. That's a much better size, Paul. Don't know how much bigger it could be as mine shows on their site. Or maybe that's a different embed. Richard.

  2. Same embed code, just altered some. Keep in mind, however, that all the BookShow previews can be extended to full screen. I expanded the above preview simply to fit the blog dimensions.

    Next week I'll work on a film of street work and embed it here if I'm happy with it.