Street Photography in Motion

This was an experimental film for me. I shot it in September 2010. What I was looking to do was package some street photography from an event in a video where the motion element served as B roll to the stills. It was a tricky shoot in that I was having to be aware of what might serve as good footage and audio, as well as being on the lookout for those arresting still images that we street photographers are constantly seeking.

This was only my third attempt as making a film having previously covered the G20 Demo and the Peace Camp in Parliament Square, again looking to concentrate mostly on stills and using video to package it all up, such that the short film would serve as an alternative delivery mechanism for my street photography.

I hope to do a lot more of this throughout 2012.

There continues to be development behind the scenes here at UKSC as we study the work of our newest photographer, Stewart in readiness for his first post. All very interesting and exciting.

More soon.

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